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Join us on a journey that will inspire your audience and have them leaping from their seats.

Learning shouldn't just be about plain facts and figures, they just pass people by, it should be memorable and exciting, something that takes people on an adventure.

In everything we do, we banish the boring and encourage excitement. Grabbing the attention of all around, we engage, educate and entertain.

KIA Sorento


“Highly professional with a twist of fun!”… exceeding Kia’s expectations, within 24 hours, 170 out of 300 employees had completed our interactive training for the launch of their new Sorento model.

Everything Everywhere


Significantly reducing support calls into their IT department, we taught Everything Everywhere employees how to use a new laptop with a 3D animation guiding them around every port, button and switch.

Levi’s – Lost In Denim


Translated into 11 languages, available in 21 countries and regularly used by 10,000 people, our interactive learning course took employees on a journey through the world of Levi Strauss.

Royal Mail


Saving Royal Mail £135,000 plus days of training time, our photo-realistic 3D demo of their PDC unit took GPS training to the next level.

Vodafone Information Security


Increasing awareness of information security in day-to-day roles, we created an animated, interactive e-learning course that was specifically tailored to each Vodafone employee’s requirements.

Grafton Group


Leading to an increase in spend and applications, we highlighted the benefits of the Trade Card with a series of humorous videos that were used internally and at customer roadshows.

Vodafone Business Continuity Management


Outcome: Marked improvement of employees’ BCM knowledge with 86% saying they understood the term, as oppose to just 37% before the project. Solution: We brought to life what many considered …

O2 – 2012


O2 scores on average of 4.68 out of a possible 5 on job impact as a direct result of Purple Media’s E-learning. “Purple Media’s great working knowledge of Rapid learning tools …